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CONTENTS - Selling Saturdays Selling Saturdays by Jeff Beals

  1. Sales Blitz: How the Gridiron's Greatest Salesmen Build Relationships, Close Deals and Beat the Competition
  2. Bluebloods and Blue Chips: How It All Works
  3. You Can't Afford to Be Out-Marketed: Passion and Commitment Required
  4. Good vs. Great: Second Don't Mean Nothin''
  5. Winning Tradition: Building a Brand People Want to Buy
  6. Bigger than Life: How Personal Branding Makes Marketing Easier
  7. Go Where the Players Are: Developing Your Sales Strategy
  8. Putting People in Stretch Assignments: Sales Management
  9. Diamonds in the Rough: Prospecting and Qualifying
  10. Postcards, Phone Calls and Social Media: Delivering Your Message
  11. Painting a Picture: The Sales Presentation
  12. What Side of the Ball Do You Want to Play On? Listening and Empathy
  13. We're Getting Ready to Play Notre Dame, But All I'm Thinking About Is You
  14. Mommas Pack the Suitcases: Identifying Your Influencers and Champions
  15. Rapport + Relationship + Trust = Signed Deal
  16. Sooner or Later You Have to Ask for the Order: Overcoming Objections and Closing Deals
  17. Selling Against Your Competition
  18. People before Football: Staying Motivated in a Brutal Profession




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